How Much Does A Conservatory Cost?

When considering costs it helps to look at the different conservatory styles. These prices are a very rough guide based on installing a fully fitted quality conservatory from Academy Home Improvements.

When it comes to pricing up an average conservatory extension there are a number of different factors which will affect the overall cost. Of course a larger structure is going to cost more than a smaller one but you should also consider the conservatory style, the flooring, the heating or ventilation, other internal fixtures (such as lighting) and the materials you choose to use.

Lean-to Conservatory

A Lean-to is where the wall plate is attached to the building. It is popular with smaller or awkwardly shaped buildings as the pitch of the roof can be adjusted to suit the available space.

Prices can start from around £7,995

Lean To Conservatory Style

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Victorian Conservatory

A popular and classic conservatory which is distinguished by a pitched roof and faceted front, giving a curved appearance. It can have a dwarf wall and its design lends well to both period properties and modern buildings hence its popularity.

Prices can start from around £7,995

Victorian Conservatory Style

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Georgian or Edwardian Conservatory

Another popular conservatory style as it too can blend sympathetically with period or contemporary houses. It has a flat-fronted shape which makes the most of the floor space due to its square or rectangular internal contours. It has a sloping roof and can also have a dwarf wall.

Prices start from around £7,995

Georgian & Edwardian Conservatory Style

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Lantern Conservatory

This is the original conservatory style stemming from the first Orangeries. It stands out and can appear quite a grand style due to the two-tiered effect on the roof. It gives a real wow factor and blends particularly well with large, period properties. Depending on the material used and the size of your lantern conservatory.

Prices vary but can start from around £12,995

Lantern conservatory frame style

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T-Shape Conservatory

This is a combination style conservatory featuring a central projection. It is usually based on a Victorian or Georgian style and can run the full length of the house. The central projection can act as a sophisticated porch leading out onto the garden. It is better suited to larger houses or gardens.

Prices can start from around £14,000

T Shape Conservatory Style

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P-Shape Conservatory

A P-Shaped conservatory can give you two rooms in one giving you dual functionality. This is great if you can’t decide between the family as to how the conservatory is going to be used. For example, it can be a dining room in one area and an office on the other. It is a combination style conservatory, often combining a Lean-to and a Victorian blend.

Prices start from around £14,000

P Shape Conservatory Style

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Glass Extension

Conservatories are moving forward with the times and demand of our fast paced world. Today some customers want to stand out from the crowd with a conservatory that adds the wow factor. The Glass Extension conservatory is a fashionable option and suits those looking for a more minimalist and contemporary extension which uses sleek lines, is spacious and lets in lots of light.

It is a popular choice if you are looking to do something more bespoke yet prices can start from only £7,995

Glass Extension Conservatory Style

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Loggia Conservatory

This is a fantastic Italian inspired conservatory which gives a combination of an extension and a conservatory. It brings in solid corner columns, in-fill panels and feature surrounds which adds to the feel of real room. It is a fantastic blend of style and strength.

It adds real value to your home and prices start from £15,000

Loggia Conservatory Style

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Like the Loggia conservatory an Orangery is a blend of a house extension and a conservatory. Whereas the Loggia is all about the columns an Orangery traditionally has more brickwork and full-height walls. It can have the renaissance grandeur of the two-tiered lantern roof combined with lots of brickwork and large windows. Hence, it lets in lots of light but is easier to heat and aesthetically brings together the house and the conservatory effortlessly as it looks more like an extension than a conservatory.

Due to the amount of brickwork used it is the most expensive of the conservatory styles and prices start from around £16,000

Orangery Style Conservatory

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How Much Does A Conservatory Cost? Conservatory Prices

Example Conservatory Costs Guide

Lean-to Conservatory uPVC £7,995 + 
Victorian Conservatory uPVC £7,995 +
Georgian or Edwardian Conservatory uPVC £7,995 +
Glass Extension uPVC £7,995 +
Lantern Conservatory uPVC £12,995 +
T-Shape Conservatory uPVC £14,000 +
P-Shape Conservatory uPVC £14,000 +
Loggia Conservatory uPVC £15,000 +
Orangery uPVC £16,000 +
  • NB:These conservatory prices are just a guide, actual costs will vary depending on the size and design features chosen.

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