Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen styles ranging from Galley, L Shaped, U Shaped, G Shaped, and Kitchen Islands

When choosing a new kitchen you may have an idea of the type of kitchen you want and the look, style and feel you want to achieve. You may want something glossy and ultra-modern, or a country style or a shaker style kitchen.  It may be a painted or classic kitchen? This is the fun bit where you get to research and gain inspiration for your new dream kitchen. Whilst you are doing this keep in mind the shape and size of the room. There are certain design styles which are commonly found and here we highlight some of the more familiar types.

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens have 2 walls which run down each side with units on both sides. This ensures everything is within easy reach.Traditionally they are used within small spaces but there is no reason why it can’t be stylish too. Think of how the area is lit. Using units where light can be reflected back will open up the space and keep the space free from clutter.The more storage space the better. Installing the right flooring can create a feeling of space too.  For example, laying large tiles can actually make the room look bigger than laying smaller ones.

3D Galley Kitchen Design

L-Shaped Kitchen

When we talk about letter-shaped kitchens, the L-shape is a fairly common design because it works well and is flexible. If you fit your cabinets in this way, it frees up the other side of the room to be designed however you choose. For example, you could create a feature wall for maximum impact and Wow Factor!

Kitchen Designers

U-Shaped Kitchen

This is where the units form a U-shape and they can cover3 walls. Great if you use your kitchen to the max. and you need lots of storage space. They work well in open plan homes because you can have the units along 2walls and the 3rd length of units can extend out in a free-standing style, thus creating a focal point between the kitchen and the adjacent room.In order for a U-shaped kitchen not to feel too crowded, it is a good idea to paint the walls in a neutral colour.

3D U Shaped Kitchen Designs

G-Shaped Kitchen

A G-shape kitchen is very similar to a U-shaped kitchen but has an added ‘island’ at one end or at the entrance to the kitchen. These are a great choice if you want people to have somewhere to sit but don’t have the space for a kitchen/diner as they are often used as a breakfast bar. For many families this is an extremely useful feature. Again, in order for the kitchen not to feel crowded paint in a neutral colour or limit the number of wall units.

3d G Shaped Kitchen Design

Kitchen Island

If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen you can install a central island. This island can reduce the number steps around the kitchen and can be used for a variety of purposes. It can make an ideal breakfast bar and gives people somewhere to gather on social occasions, keeping them away from the cook. If you are a serious cook you may want to use the extra worktop surface for food preparation. You can even install a sink if you desire. They are fabulous for extra storage space and are guaranteed to impress the neighbours!

Kitchen Design

Kitchen-diners can be incorporated into most ‘larger’ kitchen designs and the friendly Academy design team will help and advise you on how to incorporate a dining area into your kitchen during the planning stage. Take a look at our kitchen ranges to gain inspiration and our kitchen buying guide for more information, hints, tips and kitchen ideas.


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