26 January 2015

Home Improvements That Add Value



If you ever think of a way to instantly increase your home's value without spending tons of money on labour or materials, would you jump at the chance to make it happen? Of course, you would! Most home improvements will add some value, but the cleverest will reap rewards in relation to outlay.

A new kitchen tops the poll as the most remunerative home improvement, with 71 % of the agents voting it as one of the three most worthwhile additions to a home. This is followed by a new bathroom (53%) and a conservatory (46%). Other popular home improvement includes double-glazing, central heating, garage & parking space and loft conversion. The top five worthless home improvements also include internal décor, garden makeover and decking, and bad loft conversions.

How doors increase your home's value?

Everyone knows that a house that looks good from the outside will more easily attract potential buyers to the inside. Having an artfully crafted composite door visible from the outside of your home will let everyone knows that you take pride in your home and you care about quality craftsmanship. The door will help keep the heat and air conditioning from escaping from your home, which adds value to you now, and it adds value for potential buyers in the future.

Like most home owners, you are probably looking for ways to boost the property value of your home by making affordable improvements. Replacing your doors is a great way to get a big return on a relatively small investment, and there are plenty of options when taking on this project.

Doors are available in a wide variety of colours and styles from black to stylish woodgrain effects.  Materials used by Academy Home Improvements for doors come in two different types’ uPVC and Composite. Using the latest security features available to the market today it will also make your home more secure with 8 bolt security locking.

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How windows increase your home’s value?

Good windows are very essential elements of both the look and function of your home. It adds more value to your home. Broken, damaged or ill-fitting windows can make your entire house look run-down, not to mention being a source of energy loss. New windows give a home a cleaner, more streamlined look, especially if you choose to replace the majority of your windows at the same time. Even if you only replace one or two, though, the quality and workmanship provided by our home window replacement experts, in addition to the new windows themselves, will add an eye-catching element.

Our uPVC double glazing windows are competitively priced with Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) and we are FENSA registered providing you complete peace of mind. 1000’s of happy customer reviews. Don’t take a risk in companies that do not have these in place, you wouldn’t invest your money in an unstable company so don’t risk it. We have over 30 years’ experience so you will know that you’re in safe hands.

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How kitchens increase your home’s value?

It is important to make sure your kitchen has is very neat and attractive from the appliances to the cabinets. Remodeling the kitchen can also add value to the house in addition to improving your lifestyle. It can add interest by making sure the kitchen reflects you as opposed to what appears like in a showroom. You must remember a kitchen full of wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets can look uninspired and boring. Our kitchen designers are on hand to help you create your own dream kitchen with 3D software to help you visualise your new kitchen.

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