30 June 2015

5 Ways to Use Your New Conservatory



For most people, picturing your dream conservatory and what you’re going to use it for is easy. For some of us however, our imagination is somewhat limited and you may be struggling to picture it. Perhaps you’ve never even thought of having a conservatory; you could find yourself moving into a new home and having no idea what to do with that extra bit of space! Here’s 5 ideas to help you get thinking:

1.    Dining Room – Research has shown that dining together is actually more important than you might think! If you’re looking to challenge the modern day dinner time of eating on your laps in front of the TV, then why not transform your conservatory into a luxurious dining space. It’s worth noting that aside from everyday meals, it will be perfect for dinner parties – add a pair of bi-folds and have the joy of eating outside, inside! So many possibilities…!

2.    Office Room or Study – Conservatories are light, bright, and more often than not, away from the home’s distractions… a perfect space to get some work done it seems? If your job requires tasks to be done from home, doing them at the kitchen table isn’t going to give you any motivation. Whether you’re a writer, an accountant or an artist, your own room to escape will help give you the productivity boost you need.

3.    Living Space – Struggling to find room for unexpected guests to be seated? Or tired of not being able to reach a decision with the other half about what to watch on TV? Either situation will benefit from extra lounge space. Spend some quality time with friends overlooking the garden; alternatively, use it as somewhere to escape and watch your own TV or read a book with a nice cuppa – cosy!

4.    Home Gym – Not everyone is willing to make the full time commitment that a gym membership entails, or has the time to make the monthly fee worth it! So why not turn your conservatory into a home-gym/fitness room? It doesn’t have to be anything flashy, but the light and airy space can be an ideal place to practice any kind of fitness and get the motivation levels up. Whether it be yoga, weight training or if you have your own machinery, you’ll have the freedom of exercising when you like… for free!

5.    Children’s Playroom – If you like to keep your living room free from an ever-growing amount of toys and storage boxes, then a conservatory turned playroom might be what you need. An ideal location, one that’s level and can be ‘supervised’ easily from either living room or kitchen. This way you’ll be able to keep your living area for entertaining guests and unwinding with your family in the evening – with no toys in sight… result!

So there you have it, five easy and practical ways to use your conservatory, however the list does not stop there. Some people would prefer to extend their kitchen into their conservatory, run a small business from it, use it as a plant room or even a games room. At the end of the day, it will always be down to personal choice and how the space works best for your home. However crazy your ideas may be, conservatories are extremely versatile and are probably the best place for whatever you’ve come up with!

If you’re feeling inspired, and think you may benefit from the extra space in your home, contact us now and receive your FREE quote to get things started.

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