02 February 2016

Conservatories Made to Measure of course


Conservatories Made to Measure of course

There is nothing that can make you the envy of your neighbours more or be envies of your neighbours when one installs a bespoke, made to measure conservatory. It is, undoubtedly, a beautiful yet practical asset to add to your property.

Lean To Conservatory

Conservatories have tended to be mass produced so lots can follow the same look. Today you can utilise designs and skills to create something that stands out from the crowd. A luxury, bespoke garden room or conservatory can perfectly compliment the architecture of your house and meet your lifestyle needs. A grand based design may well add a little to the cost of your conservatory but it’s worth it and will impressively boost the visual quality of your home.

A bespoke conservatory is individually designed and custom built to your exact specification, offering you the ultimate in flexibility and choice. If you desire an urban glass box, which are very popular today, you need to think about having the latest energy efficient products installed and designing within the available space using the best glazing panels with the latest technology.

Victorian Conservatory

A modern, minimalist design can go hand in hand with contemporary conservatories such as a glazed structure. This design is perfect for those who like the idea of the conservatory but who want to be different when it comes to the design and look of their bespoke conservatory composition.

Contemporary extensions are another way to view a bespoke conservatory and can be designed to suit most houses. Take into consideration what you would like your design to look like and what it is going to be used for. These are popular today as a dining room or to encompass a whole kitchen. By utilising bi-folding (folding sliding doors) or sliding doors your garden can easily become part of your home, completely removing walls and opening the room out onto a patio or lawn can be designed to fit perfectly with your house.

Loggia Conservatory

Conservatories can be purchased in the colour of your choice. When it comes to a modern building there are no right or wrong colours whereas in a more traditional building you may want to choose something more sympathetic with the property. Popular colour choices currently are grey (light or dark), black and white. Other colours under consideration are cream, light ivory, turquoise, sage green, moss green, blue and metallic shades.

Academy windows have 30 + years of experience in designing and installing your bespoke conservatory using modern designs with modern materials.

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