14 April 2016

Old New Conservatory Roofs



Conservatory envy is very common! This is especially true when a neighbour or friend installs a brand spanking new conservatory with all the latest mod cons. You may look at your old, tired, Victorian conservatory and sigh deeply but do not worry there are a wealth of refurbishment options available to you.

A common problem is a tired, dirty and old polycarbonate roof. Your old conservatory roof can make your conservatory feel cold in the winter (a big problem in Britain!). ‘It’s like being in a garage!’ On the other end of the scale it can be too hot when we do get a summer. A common problem is how dirty this type of roof gets and how difficult it is to clean let alone having enough time to do it ourselves so we pay regular money out to a professional. Of course the noise levels of the rain hitting this roof can be deafening too.

These first generation conservatories looked good for a few years and then gradually started to look tired. Once they fail to keep out the elements, then they can cause considerable damage inside the conservatory or even in your home.

A cost-effective refurbishment is to replace your old conservatory roof with a new eco-friendly glass roof. The glass is has thermal insulation and dual solar control built in. This means your conservatory temperature is maintained at a comfortable level. Thermal insulation keeps the heat in and solar control keeps the sun out. One of the best advantages of this glass is that it is self cleaning! Your new modern high performance glass roof will be energy efficient too.

 Your new energy-efficient glass roof will banish your problems and give you a stunning new look for your conservatory leaving you to enjoy it again and rediscover the beauty of why you installed it in the first place…

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