04 February 2016

Seaside Conservatory Create a beach look


Seaside Conservatory Create a beach look

It’s that time of year when many of us feel the urge to head to the seaside, whether it’s a day trip or for a holiday. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live on the coast, you can bring a sense of summer to your home all year round by creating a beach look in your home. The best room to do this in is your conservatory as it lets in the most light, lending itself well to the seaside.

Designers are currently embracing an organic, stripped-back look that celebrates raw materials in their natural form. Imagine the washed up weathered wood you find on the beach. You can hang a mirror framed with driftwood in your conservatory. You should choose a small side table and chairs that are styled with simplicity in mind, combining traditional craft techniques with sustainable design. Materials to think of are stone, pale oak, solid beech, wool and cork. They can be used on your conservatory furniture, lighting and accessories. Aim for pieces which are unpainted and unvarnished with wood grain and natural textures being the main focus.

A simple way to bring a sense of summer and the beach into your conservatory is to look for nautical-style prints. You can use these, quite simply, anywhere in your conservatory. Look for sailor stripes and beachy prints, every home could benefit from a little nautical love! The fresh designs and traditional palette of just two or three colours, usually red, white and blue make it unfussy and versatile.

If you have a wall in your conservatory you can use striped wallpaper or there are fantastic wood effect wallpapers available today which create a lazy beach-hut vibe by faking their look. Striped wallpaper will also make your room feel taller or wider depending on which way you hang the paper. Maritime toiles or ocean-map motifs look stunning on feature walls.

When it comes to accessorising your beach-look conservatory you can mix and match your nautical prints to your hearts content, provided they all share a similar colour palette and are balanced with plenty of plain white or wooden furniture. Add accessories such as a sisal rug, a door stop made of rope and other jute and driftwood decorations. Hurricane lamps and marina jar lamps work beautifully. Fill jars with shells or line up jars with tea lights. Anything that you would sea by the seaside, such as, boats, birds and shells work wonderful. You could even have your own deck chair in your perfect seaside conservatory! Then sit back and enjoy your favourite drink or ice-cream and have your own holiday!

Academy windows have 30 + years of experience in designing and installing your bespoke conservatory using modern designs with modern materials.

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