24 March 2014

Doors go high tech



The world of doors can be a minefield of information. There are many doors that you can install in  your property but are they all built to the same standards of security and quality? Unfortunately, no. There are many reasons for these differences including the strength of the door, the style of the door and the price of the door.

One of the most popular materials to make doors out of is uPVC. This material is popular because it is highly weather resistant, meaning it is likely to be resistant to all weather types and require very little maintenance over the years. UPCV doors are designed to keep the heat inside your house lowering those monthly energy bills. UPVC doors and windows are a great selling point when it comes to moving house as it means those buying your property do not have to worry about the maintenance or energy of these vital elements. They can be quite thin though so if you were looking for a more heavy door a hardwood door could be an option. This very thick and heavy door can be great for insulation and security but they do require regular maintenance, which is not for everybody. Maintenance would include varnishing, painting and weather sealing.

If you cannot decide between these two then a fantastic option is to choose a composite door. A composite door is made up from multiple materials and offers great strength, durability and look. The core of a composite door can contain many layers including wood and insulating materials all of which are encapsulated in a weather resistant skin. They are very durable in all climates and are said to be even better than fibre glass along with being virtually maintenance free. The cost of a composite door is dependent on many factors such as, style, colour, hardware, security extras and your door size. They are the latest technological addition to the door world and their designs have been based on customers input, for example, having a front door that look like wood without the maintenance of real wood. They offer extremely good value for money.

A beautiful option in the door world, that is often forgotten, is the stable door. Whilst traditionally made of wood you can now buy a new composite stable door. A stable door renders in the middle, meaning you can open the top half whilst keeping the bottom half shut or vice versa. These are exceptionally good as a back door, where you may want to keep pets (or children!) out whilst you are able to keep a watchful eye on them at the same time. Not forgetting the extra air and light it lets in at the same time. Composite stable doors are secure, attractive and manufactured to the highest standard. Academy Home Improvements can provide you with a range of choices for your door frame and, unlike many other companies, do not simply take a door and saw it in half. Their stable doors are specifically designed and manufactured to be a stable door, so why not contact us today with all your door requirements?...

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