04 July 2014

Extension Doors Quandary



So you’re planning an extension, conservatory or simply want to change and update your old doors. A big decision is what doors to choose. They need to be in keeping with your house, provide the extra light and air you need and be at the right price. The popular choices are patio, french or bi-folding. The right choice can literally transform the look and feel of your home or business.

Patio doors

Patio doors are a bold and charming alternative to french doors, as well as being a simple and cost effective alternative to bi-folding doors. Sliding patio doors give you more glass and less frame which results in more light being let through. If space allows, you can have two side panels of floor to ceiling glass with two floor to ceiling glass sliding doors in the centre. This will provide you with a huge glass area if you desire. Whether you have a town, country or city property a sliding patio door will suit all. Of course, if sliding doors are not your style or you are worried of little fingers becoming trapped in them, you can opt for patio doors which open inwards or outwards. This decision will be dependent on where you need the space the most. If you need more space inside your conservatory or extension then have your doors built to open outwards and vice versa. Patio doors can come in a variety of colours and materials and are surprisingly affordable.

French doors

If you are looking for elegance then french doors are the option for you. French doors are derived from an original French design called a casement door. It is a double-leaved door with large glass panels on each door or multiple glass panels incorporated into a frame, which can swing out as well as in. The beauty and elegance of french doors can be works of art in themselves. Although most suited to country houses they can be stunning in most types of properties. The secret is to choose the right design, colour and materials. For instance, in a traditional or victorian property a pair of wooden french doors work well. Whereas, in a modern or urban property you can opt for aluminium frames giving you a top contemporary look and feel. French doors can also be used as single frame doors internally. Whilst the french doors are typically chosen for their beautiful aesthetic property they can also be great value for money and add value to your home.

However, a real way to add value to your property and a fantastic selling point is to add some stunning bi-folding doors. Whilst they are the most expensive doors, they offer an unrestricted view of your garden, terrace, patio or pool that only bi-folding doors can do. They offer the ‘wow’ factor to any property bringing a modern and contemporary feel. With the current trend for the ‘modern country’ look so readily available do not think they won’t work in an older style property. Again, the key is in choosing the right colour and material. They can fold inwards or outwards dependent on your preference. As they fold all the way along they offer unprecedented light and air into your room and keep them safely tucked away. This concertina effect is simply stunning and you won’t be disappointed with the result. It is money well spent and if you are working to a budget, why not look to cut in other areas in order to afford your dream doors.

Bi Fold Doors

Looking to update or replace your own garden doors please contact the professionals at Academy Home Improvements where we can help you obtain your dream doors.

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