31 March 2015

6 Awesome Home Improvement Ideas for your Home this Spring

Home Sweet Home

6 Awesome Home Improvement Ideas for your Home this Spring

Sunny days and warm weather are always welcome in the UK at any time of year, but especially during the beginning of April when it feels like winter is finally disappearing.

Spring is in full swing and summer looks to be on its way, so it’s understandable you want to make the most of it – but how can you also make the most out of your home? The answers are endless.

Here’s 6 inspiring ideas to help you get started

Conservatories - The perfect solution if you need some extra space or if you’re looking to bring the outside in. Whether it be a classic conservatory, a lean-to or alternatively an orangery, they are perfect for spring, summer, and now thanks to modern-day glass manufacturing, all year round, (even during UK winter)! Use it as a dining space for the upcoming BBQ season, or an extra room for relaxing in during a sunny afternoon; it’s an ideal add-on for you to enjoy, that could also add value to your home.

Kitchens – It’s the most important living space of all, the heart of the home. It’s where families come together, spectacular food is served and memories are made and shared. Depending on size and a design that suits you, kitchens can be surprisingly affordable. It’s so easy to find a style that reflects you, so you can instantly take advantage of the spring weather and start socialising. 

Fascias + Soffits – You might be looking at this and thinking, how on earth is renewing my fascia and soffits going to allow me to make the most out of spring? It makes no sense… wrong. It makes perfect sense. Would you prefer to sit in the garden relaxing, reading a book, sipping a cold beverage or get up on the ladder for a few days to maintain, sand, paint the woodwork and clean out the gutters? I think I know which answer you would choose! It’s a really simple, yet stunningly attractive way to instantly re-style your home just in time for spring.

Free Guttering
Doors – Ditch the old doors, and introduce the new. There are so many different types of doors on the market now it can be hard to know where to begin. Depending on what you want the door to do, (apart from open and close!), you have to choose which one best suits you. Do you want a high-spec new composite front door, vibrantly coloured so that your house stands out on the street? Or would you prefer to have French or bi-folding doors at the back of your house – a cheaper option than having an extension, but one that can really open up your living space.

Porches – No matter how big, how small, classic, modern or what shape a porch is, it will always offer two important things: extra protection from any weather and, more space, which is always welcome. Paired with a brand new, shiny front door, it has the power to completely transform the front of your home. They’re versatile and can be used for whatever you need; to hang the coats, pop your welly boots down after a spring afternoon stroll or to simply be a warm welcome to visitors.

Front Door Porches
Windows – Reduce your energy bills, control your inside room temperatures and make your house look amazing. Sounds ideal, how do you do it? Have your windows replaced! Double and triple glazing windows have advanced considerably during the last 20 years, now more energy efficient than ever. They have the ability to reflect and filter heat to keep your home cool during the spring/summer season – but also keep the warmth in during the UKs icy winters! A worthwhile home improvement investment, and one that will not only make-over your home, but also make-over your heating bills!

Double Glazing Windows
So, there we have it; six ways to give your house a face-lift, reduce heating bills and add value to your home all in one go.

If you’re feeling inspired by some of the posts you’ve read, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on varieties and colours, or grab a FREE individual quote from one of your nearest Academy Home Improvements Showrooms.

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Happy Home-Improving! 

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