14 May 2015

Ask Our Experts: 3 Must-Have Home Improvement Predictions for 2016

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At Academy, we know that a majority of our customers want to be ahead of the trends and have something installed that is going to look great, not just next year… but for years and years after that. That’s why we asked our experts on what they predict next years’ fashions will be in the home improvement market, and now we’re letting you in on it! Here’s a short article we’ve put together on what style, size, colour and material you want your new home improvements to be from now on.

Conservatories, windows and doors are just a select few of many improvements you can make to your home. They look great from the outside, and make it feel great from the inside. Sales in conservatories have rapidly grown through the first quarter of 2015, and we think it will continue to grow massively for the rest of the year, and throughout the 2016 market.

Orangery Style Conservatory

We checked with Clive, our Conservatory Specialist, on how you can make the right choice for your conservatory, and make the most out of your home.

Victorian & Georgian style conservatories are always going to be the staple choice for any home; past, present and future. A popular choice, they never go out of fashion, look fantastic, as well as being affordable.

However, if you’ve got the money to spend, orangeries are no longer reserved for stately homes and mansions. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits they have to offer and they are set to become increasingly popular, especially with the variety of colours and styles, you can achieve something really stunning!

Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes and choosing one can be tricky - you may benefit from our Conservatory Buying Guide to help get you started.

Pictured: Classic style Orangery in White uPVC – looks smart and never goes out of fashion.

Bi-fold doors are also increasing in popularity, you may have already seen them popping up on commercial ads across TV and the internet. They’ve definitely started to persuade some of you already with their benefits, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop there. If anything, at Academy, we feel that in 2016, Bi-fold doors will be a must-have feature for any size home.

Bi Folding Doors 3 Panels

Pictured: 3 Panel White uPVC Bi-fold doors.

Why are bi-folding doors going to be a “must-have”? The most obvious reason to a potential customer is the outside-inside living – opening up your bi-folds and pushing them all the way back on a good day can, not only create a sense of freedom, but essentially add another room onto the back of your house! Don’t forget they are great for even the winter months, with specialist double or triple glazing allowing for maximum heat retention. Also available smaller, larger, in different materials and colours! To find out more Click Here.

Meanwhile, stepping into the heart of the home, various kitchen colour trends are creeping in from Milan and Paris; earthy, pastel and chalky tones. For example the kitchen below features the Ashbourne Duck Egg Blue, often a colour you’d think of choosing for your living room – not the kitchen!

Earthy Pastel Colour Kitchens

Earthy Pastel Colour Kitchens

The pastels, light greys, the cashmeres and of course the classic ivory, are not only coming into fashion – but paired with a gorgeous shaker style kitchen, we don’t think that they’ll ever go out! So how about being on trend and timeless? Sounds like a win-win situation if you ask us.

What would your kitchen look like in these colours? Book Your Design Visit and you’ll be able to visualise your new kitchen in no-time.

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