07 October 2014

Can I have a bigger kitchen?


Can I have a bigger kitchen

The answer to this is yes you can! The kitchen is the hub of the house, it’s where we host, eat, drink and be merry. For most households sitting down to eat is when they get to talk together about their days and most of our bonding takes place. A trend that is happening today, especially in the current market where people are reluctant to move, is to turn your lounge into your kitchen and your kitchen into the family snug for TV and reading time.

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The solution may seem like a drastic one but once you’ve made the change you’ll have the best socialising space and one where you’ll spend most of your time. Moving the kitchen into a large living-room space can give you an open- plan kitchen-diner that’s ideal for a family and entertaining. It can also add value to your property.

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Think about the layout of your room. Where would you like your base units, your sink, fridge-freezer and your oven? In a large open-plan kitchen you should look to divide the room into areas, creating different zones. You want to be able to prepare food without guests getting in your way yet you want to be able to socialise with them at the same time. A fantastic option is to divide the room up, naturally, with a kitchen island.

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A kitchen island can serve as an area for preparation, cooking, serving and be used for additional storage. The advantage of moving the kitchen to a large space is that the room is big enough to take an island. Make sure the island does not obstruct the access to your ‘kitchen triangle’, which includes your sink, fridge-freezer, oven and primary work stations. It should have enough room for people to move around it. You may want to consider a splash back so people can’t see over it when you are cooking, giving you some privacy.

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The dining table should go where you have the most natural light. In fact the more lighting you can get in a kitchen the better. Think of the design and atmosphere you want to create. Rooms generally have three types of lighting; general lighting for overall illumination, task lighting and accent lighting. Consider lighting above your work spaces such as under cabinet lighting to help you when performing daily tasks. Pendants can enhance the appearance of your kitchen, your island or your breakfast bar. A large chandelier over the dining room table can create a sumptuous and relaxed feel. Use lighting to show off all the amazing elements of your new kitchen.

A large project like this can be made easier and quicker by getting a professional to install your dream kitchen. This leaves you free to shop for the furniture, decorations and accessories you need to fulfil your dream open-plan kitchen-diner. Call Academy Home Improvements 0800 328 6698 today to get the specialist professional advice you need.

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