02 June 2015

HOW-TO - Perfect your dream country-style kitchen


HOW-TO - Perfect your dream country-style kitchen

Make the most of the weather, make the most of your kitchen.

Ever tried to recreate a look and ended up getting it completely wrong? The country style kitchens that we see in the catalogues always look gorgeous; the storage shelving, contemporary frames and feature brick wall looks great – apart from you don’t have any in your home, and more than likely can’t afford to buy new ones… or quickly build a brick wall! If you try and stick to a couple of basic rules and follow some top tips, you can’t go far wrong with a bit of cheating.

Pale, Chalky Shades and Earthy Tones

Turns out the white is a bit too bright. When choosing your classic country kitchen, although it seems ideal to go for the lightest colour to open up any size space, it’s often better to go with pastel, chalky or earthy colours. They have the ability to make the kitchen look ‘warm’, natural and also expensive. See some examples I’ve listed below:

Kitchen Colours

Top Tip: Look at all the cabinet colour options available to you, and definitely take home sample paints to make sure you get it right! As we all know, the colour on the outside of the tin doesn’t always dry like you expected… and you’ve just used half of it on the wall. Oops! Always take a sample pot, or two… (Or five!) home, and let a few coats dry on the wall so you can be 100% sure.

Stone & Wood

It would be nice to have timber beams and a stone or brick wall to properly make your kitchen feel like it’s part of a real life country cottage. However most of us live on an estate or in the heart of a city, so it feels abnormal to attempt this in a modern home. If you use a clever alternative, the right amount and in the right places, you can actually achieve a really tasteful look that works perfectly.

Austin Kitchen

Featured above is an ‘Austin’ Kitchen from our range at Academy Home Improvements

Lots of DIY & Home Improvement stores now sell a variety of wallpapers with 3D effects on them – whether it be wood panelling, stone cladding or a rustic brick wall (see above), you can find wallpaper that looks so realistic that you wouldn’t notice a difference until you actually went up close and touched it! And it comes at the fraction of the cost of the real material… I won’t tell if you won’t!

Top Tip: One way of incorporating wood in to your kitchen (aside from a worktop), is to find some second hand shelves at a local thrift store and upcycle them! They’ll cost a lot less than they would brand new, and you can personalise them to your taste with a coat of spray paint, stencil pattern and your own choice of bracket fixing. Quick, stylish and easy to do, and provides an extra storage solution to make the most of your wall space – it’s there for a reason!

Make sure it Suits You

As much as you’d love to have the perfectly styled kitchen, you have to make sure that it’s going to work for you. This means that it has to: fit with the existing style of your home, (unless you plan on some more home-improving!), and also suit your needs as to how and when you use the kitchen. This is where the professionals come in and can be quite an important step to take; it’s always best to have someone experienced in the field to evaluate and work with you on what could be best for your home. They will help to plan and produce a 3D drawing to help you visualise what your new kitchen will look like.

Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to test the boundaries. Traditional kitchens can look gorgeous, but modern kitchen designs can also look as equally gorgeous. You wouldn’t think it, but you can have something in between. For example in a new build or a conversion, a more streamlined look may work better for the overall look. If handled delicately, a contrast between traditional and modern can be stunning, and also timeless. Even mix and matching cabinet colours can work… you’ll never fall out of love with your new kitchen!

Feeling inspired to re-style your kitchen?

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Happy Home Improving!

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