16 June 2015

“My kitchen’s too small” – Wrong!



A little bit of planning and organisation goes a long way, especially when it comes to a making a “small” kitchen sustainable. What defines a small kitchen nowadays anyway? One that’s not the size of a football pitch? Or one that doesn’t look like a demo from the Ideal Homes Exhibition?

Truth is, the average property has, well, an average sized kitchen. Whether you own or rent a house, bungalow, apartment, flat etc. chances are, you’ll have to have a well-designed kitchen for the space to work. Don’t panic if you find it difficult to imagine where things can or can’t go, that’s what the experts are here for.

We’ve put together a small collection of units to show you that actually having a big kitchen isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

My kitchen’s too small – Wrong!

Nice kitchen isn’t it? Because it’s designed to be functioning and enjoyable – not huge. You’re probably thinking, where’s the fridge? How can you have drawers under a sink and where would you put the bin? We thought you might, so below we’ve put a short video explaining what goes where and some reasoning behind other aspects.

As you can see, there is enough storage for all your kitchen needs. By utilising the space along one side of the wall it means you can open up the rest of the room, and have a kitchen-diner as pictured. The laminate splashback offers a bit of colour, is low maintenance and is a cheaper alternative to tiling. It can also easily be changed should you fancy a different colour a few years down the line.

Do you like this kitchen? The cabinets featured, are actually one of Academy’s more affordable ranges from the Modern Kitchens we have to offer. It’s a Woodbury Cashmere Gloss door, with matching plinths and replacement end panels. Everything has been thought of with these stunning kitchen units, meaning that, not only can you have a small luxurious kitchen, you can also have the outstanding premium quality at an affordable price.

How much would it cost for you to have a new kitchen? Give one of our design consultants a call today at your local Showroom, or fill out our online Design Visit Request.

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