21 May 2014

The Kitchen Island Route


The Kitchen Island Route

A large kitchen is at the top end of most home owners wish lists. Providing ample space for storage, socialising and entertaining along with room for all the latest gadgets. Making the most of your spacious kitchen lies right at the start when you are planning it. At this stage meticulous planning is very worthwhile as the end result is a kitchen which flows beautifully and has everything within easy reach.

U-shape and L-shape layouts work really well in a big kitchen but it’s important not to forget the unused centre space. The obvious thing to do is to fill it with a table and chairs and whilst this may be the only option for some houses you can end up with an obstruction around your kitchen once the chairs are pulled out. If you do have to have a table and chairs keep this in mind and opt for a hard wearing surface for your table that can take a few knocks and simple, informal designs such as shaker or a chunky bench.

A fabulous choice is to take the island route and opt for an island unit. This unit can perform many functions and is a popular and welcome addition to any large kitchen. With the addition of some striking light pendants placed directly above your unit it can work as an eye catching centre piece as well as a functional one. In a very large kitchen it will work as a bridge between the outer units or furniture and improve the work triangle, allowing you to work comfortably side-by-side with another cook. The kitchen triangle is the imaginary line placed between the three vital elements of your kitchen; the sink, the cooker and the refrigerator.

In an open-plan kitchen/house use an island to divide up the land between the dining area and the kitchen area. The addition of a breakfast bar can bring people together in the largest of kitchens providing a gathering area. Amazingly, you only need a 40cm worktop overhang to dine in comfort.

With today’s advancements it is easy to put in, at the planning stage, connections to electricity and water within your island. This really puts your island to work as you can then incorporate cooking, washing and other cooking appliances. If you opt to do this you will free up your other surface worktops in the rest of the kitchen. These days the option of putting in a specialist cooking appliance or gadget is all the rage, such as a barbecue grill or a teppanyaki. If you have ample space around the full perimeter of your room a kitchen island is a fantastic option taking in all your kitchen needs. Ideally, it’s good to know there should be 90cms of space free on all sides of your kitchen island.

Today you do not need to employ an expensive architect for all your kitchen design needs, the specialists and friendly professionals at Academy Home Improvements are here to discuss all your kitchen needs, giving you the best and safest advice...

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