17 March 2014

And then there were three!


Triple Glazing Windows

Once upon a time, a window comprised a single sheet of glass which let in the light and kept out the wind and rain …then along came double-glazing, consisting of two sheets of glass with an air gap in between, which provided thermal and sound insulation …and now we have triple glazing, which out-performs all the rest!

A triple-glazed window has three sheets of glass and two cavities, which are usually filled with an inert gas, such as argon or krypton, to stop the heat escaping. The glass is treated with a low-emissivity metallic coating to make it more energy-efficient. These windows can reduce heat loss by â…“ more than those which are double-glazed, giving a corresponding reduction in fuel bills, and they also cut out external noise more efficiently.

The only minor drawback is that they are obviously slightly bigger (and heavier) than double-glazed windows, and therefore they have wider frames.

Triple-glazing originated in Canada and the Scandinavian countries, which have very cold winters, so although they are new to the UK, they have actually been tried and tested for many years.

About Energy Ratings and ‘U’ Values …

The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) has a labelling system for new windows similar to that for household appliances, where A is the best and G is the worst – see the example above.

The measure of thermal properties of the glass and frame is known as the ‘U’ value.

To give an idea of relative ‘U’ values, a typical single-glazed window has a ‘U’ value of about 5, a similar double-glazed window with ‘A’ rated glass has a value of 1.5 – 1.7, and a triple-glazed window has a value of 0.8 – 1.

The example Window Energy Rating Label (above), gives the rating level (A in the example), the ‘U’ value, the effective heat loss due to air penetration and the solar heat gain.

Energy Window Values

In simple terms, this indicates how effectively the window keeps out the wind, conserves the heat, resists condensation and contributes to improved sound insulation.

For exceptional triple-glazed windows with superior thermal and noise insulation in a wide choice of frames, call Academy Home Improvements on 0800 328 6698 or visit academyhome.co.uk

Academy’s slogan is:  ‘Buy local – buy safe’. Local companies rely on their reputation. The experienced Academy sales team can advise on the best windows for your particular requirements. Academy’s advanced triple-glazed units feature low profiles with reflective, warm-edge spacers, which are invisible at the window edge, giving a clear, uncluttered sight line and lower heat loss at the window edges.  Condensation is considerably reduced (upto 80%) compared with double-glazed windows, which use aluminium spacers.

Window Condensation

Academy has showrooms across the South-East including Reading, Maidenhead, Wokingham, Frimley, West Byfleet, Whitton and Basingstoke and has been providing experienced, friendly advice with no high-pressure sales to delighted customers for over 30 years.

Academy uses its own installers, rather than contracting the work out, so they can always guarantee a top-quality job, conforming to FENSA standards, and all windows are fully guaranteed for 10 years.

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