06 May 2014

Eco-Friendly Windows



The growing issues and concerns about the environment we live in is today of optimum importance to us and the government. The business of recycling, reducing and reusing is an ever growing trend.

This is linked with the mounting problems from over-flowing landfills, carbon footprints, rising temperatures, weather and climate changes, air, water and noise pollution. Many people today are going the whole hog and building beautiful, artistic and unusual eco-friendly houses. The main principles being to use materials which are natural and readily available, as few tools as possible and build sustainable houses which are extremely well insulated. They all use the natural resources of the sun to keep the house warm. This growing seriousness to reduce our carbon footprint has lead to leading technological innovations. One of the noticeable changes which we can all use, without having to build an eco-house, is to head for the growing trend of installing double glazed windows. These energy efficient windows ensure all heat generated from the home is reflected back into the house. 
Eco Friendly Double Glazing Windows

The method of comparing the energy performance of windows is to use the Uvalue measurement. Single pane windows have a value in excess of 5, double glazing scores around 3 but today’s building regulations insist that windows built today should have a Uvalue no worse than 1.6.


The manufacturing process has brought about these changes by using wider cavities between the panes of glass, 16mm is the optimum. Filling this cavity with an inert gas, like argon, makes the window even more efficient. Low-emissivity coatings have been added to the glass to stop heat escaping. Designing out cold bridges, such as aluminium spacers, surrounding the glazed units also improves the window efficiency. It makes sense if you have insulated your walls and roofs to insulate your windows otherwise you will have cold spots which will draw out your heat and reduce your overall thermal efficiency.


The Code for Sustainable Homes is the guidelines the government are using for us to adopt a move towards building zero-carbon homes by 2016. The code more or less requires us to adopt these low energy standards, where windows are built with Uvalue of no more than 0.8. As our winters become longer we to should think seriously about how we can reduce our carbon footprint and insulate our houses better.

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