14 April 2014

Energy Efficient PVCu double glazing windows


Energy Efficient PVCu double glazing windows

Through The Best Looking Glass

So you’ve made your decisi​on to opt for the greener, energy efficient PVCu double glazing windows and now comes the time to choose the style of windows. Choosing what type of windows are going to work for you, your house and your family. Here we explore which style of windows is right for you?

PVCu Casement Dobule Glazing Windows

Casement windows are the most popular style of replacement windows in the UK as they are an extremely versatile window offering a range of styles and designs. They have multiple window opening options such as, double side hung, opening outwards or double side and top hung, opening outwards. They are attractive and you can choose from a range of finishes such as woodgrain and solid colours along with foiled finishes. Wood is the material windows were traditionally made from so choosing the woodgrain option is a safe idea as you can guarantee it will look sympathetic and aesthetically pleasing in all properties. There are a range of handle colours to complement the finish of your windows. With additional features such as decorative glass, clip on Georgian bars, arched head inserts and mock sash horns they are an attractive option. Not forgetting they are energy efficient, noise reducing, low maintenance and safe and secure.

Tilt and turn windows allow you to open larger windows all the way out which are great for easy cleaning. They also allow you to tilt the window inwards for top opening at an angle which are a great option with small children. They are often the choice for upstairs windows, especially in new builds because of this reason. Like the casement windows they come in a variety of designs, finishes with a range of handle and glass options. They can also be incorporated into Bay or Bow style windows. They are attractive, durable and weather resistant.

PVCu Casement Dobule Glazing Windows

As mentioned, the very first windows used wood and were built in the style of sash windows so if you have an older style property and want to remain true to its heritage you can choose the Vertical Slider windows which combine the traditional look of a sash window with the modern technology of today’s windows. Manufactured from PVCu they are durable and strong and give you all the benefits of modern double glazing whilst looking like they belong. Again, you get the benefits of a range of designs, finishes and glass.

For larger spaces such as bedrooms, lounges or kitchens Bay or Bow windows are a beautiful option. Bay windows design and Bow windows designs are fairly similar in designs and both achieve the target of creating more space, character and allowing more light into the room and can provide and extra seating area. A Bow window is designed with a top canopy and underside support on the outside whereas the Bay isn’t.  Again, both come in a variety of designs, incorporating Casement and Tilt and Turn options and feature all the previous mentioned benefits.

Whatever option you choose you will have a house with the added ‘wow’ factor, added value which is safe, secure, cheaper to run and warm.

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