01 February 2016

Replacement Double Glazing


Replacement Double Glazing

Replacing your windows can really enhance the kerb appeal of your property giving it the stand out ‘wow’ factor. They will also be more energy efficient, keeping your house warmer and ridding it of those unwanted draughts. Essentially, keeping down the cost of those expensive energy bills thereby making it a good investment.

Reasons for changing your windows maybe that the previous owners installed windows which are not in keeping with the character of your property and you want to put in something more sympathetic to the building. If you have an older property, some of the windows may not shut properly, letting in draughts and letting the heat escape or some windows may not open at all due to being painted and sealed tight. If you have rotting window frames you will need to replace these asap. Perhaps you have sash windows with broken mechanisms or your windows are letting in damp and condensation, in which case replacing them is your best option.

Whatever your reason once you decide to replace your windows you then need to consider how energy efficient the new ones are, how secure they are and getting the look you desire.

When looking at energy efficiency The British Fenestration Rating Council’s Domestic Window rating Scheme provides a way to compare the energy performance on a ‘like for like’ basis. These are rated from A-G. Windows that achieve a C-rating or higher can carry the ‘Energy Saving Recommended’ tag so always look for windows which are rated A, B or C and you can be assured you are buying the most energy efficient windows money can buy.

Condensation Windows

These windows can reduce your energy bills by up to 20%. They will also reduce condensation by up to 80% which is very important if you have any asthma sufferers in your house as houses have a high moisture content (from breathing, cooking, bathing) and as these hit cold surfaces condensation forms promoting bacterial growth and mould, compounding any respiratory problems.

The best windows will cut down on noise pollution caused by outside traffic and other noises. High-performance windows and double-glazed insulation can help reduce this. You are also cutting down on your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide you produce making energy efficient windows the green option. In total, these positives will add value to your property.

Replacement Double Glazing Windows

By opting to replace single frames or old double glazed windows you can get the latest technology installed especially within the glass itself and the spacer units. This double glazing allows the heat within the house to be reflected back into the rooms. Most impressively the solar heat from the sun is trapped by the windows through solar gain allowing this natural and free heat to transfer into your house through thermal performing windows.

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