Residence 9 - Flush Fit Windows

Residence 9 is designed to replicate the flush sash window designs found in period properties throughout Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.


The Residence 9 window system is designed to replicate 19th Century timber windows, but fuses traditional aesthetics with modern materials to create a window that is both elegant and energy efficient. 

The perfectly flush exterior recreates a true timber alternative aesthetic, whilst the interior is stylishly decorative, creating a classic home feel. The modern material is virtually maintenance free; no painting or staining required. Cleaning your windows needs minimum effort meaning they look newer for longer, leaving you time to do more of the things you love. 

Residence9 Windows Flush Sash Window Systems

Features - Residence 9 Window Systems

Foiled 'Easy Clean' Rebates
Traditional Sightlines
Georgian Bar
Authentic Butt Hinge
Handles and Stays
Weatherbar/Mullion Stiffener
Bays and Cornerposts
Authentic Cill Detail
Manufacturing Techniques

Window Energy Ratings (WER)

All our Energy Efficient windows achieve C rated or better energy efficiency. Put simply, they're the most energy efficient windows your money can buy. Decide what A, B or C rated performance you want; we'll do the rest.

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